Book Reviews--By Title

Book Reviews By Title


100 Ghosts: A Gallery of Harmless Haunts by Horner, Doogie


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer by Grahame-Smith, Seth
Absolutely Remarkable, An Thing by Green, Hank
According to Jane by Brant, Marilyn
Across the Universe by Revis, Beth
Adoration of Jenna Fox, The by Pearson, Mary E.
Affinity Bridge, The by Mann, George
Agony House, The by Priest, Cherie


Ballad of Black Tom, The by LaValle, Victor
Beanstalker and Other Hilarious Scary Tales by White, Kiersten
Bear and the Nightingale, The by Arden, Katherine
Beautiful Creatures by Garcia, Kami & Stohl, Margaret
Beautiful Darkness by Garcia, Kami & Stohl, Margaret
Becoming by Obama, Michelle
Black & Mormon edited by Bringhurst, Newell G. & Smith, Darron T.
Black-eyed Susans by Heaberlin, Julia
Black Star, Bright Dawn by O'Dell, Scott
Black Water Rising by Locke, Attica
Blameless by Carriger, Gail
Bleeding Violet by Reeves, Dia
Boneshaker by Priest, Cherie
Book Thief, The by Zusak, Markus
Break No Bones by Reichs, Kathy
Breaking Through by Jimenez, Francisco
Brightly Woven by Bracken, Alexandra
Bud, Not Buddy by Curtis, Christopher Paul


Caliban's War by Corey, James S.A.
Call, The by O'Guilin, Peadar
Calvin by Leavitt, Martine
Catching Fire by Collins, Suzanne
Chains by Anderson, Laurie Halse
Chime by Billingsley, Franny
Christmas Box, The by Evans, Richard Paul
Christmas Clock, The by Martin, Kat
Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict by Rigler, Laurie Viera
Coraline by Gaiman, Neil
Countdown City by Winters, Ben H.


Dancing With Jesus by Stall, Sam
Dark Divine, The by Despain, Bree
Dark Places by Flynn, Gillian
Daughter of the Forest by Marillier, Juliet
Dawn of the Dreadfuls by Hockensmith, Steve
Dead Voices by Arden, Katherine
Dealing with Dragons by Wrede, Patricia C.
Dreadnaught by Priest, Cherie
Dreamquake by Know, Elizabeth
Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance by Obama, Barack
Duchess War, The by Milan, Courtney
Dutch House, The by Patchett, Ann


Earthseed: The Parable of the Talents by Butler, Octavia
Educated: A Memoir by Westover, Tara
Emma: An Audible Original Drama by Austen, Jane and Lea, Anna
Era of Ignition: Coming of Age in a Time of Rage and Revolution by Tamblyn, Amber
Ever by Levine, Gail Carson
Evernight by Gray, Claudia
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Foer, Jonathon Safron


Fake Blood by Gardner, Whitney
Family Plot, The by Priest, Cherie
Fault in Our Stars, The by Green, John
Find Momo: Hide and Seek With an Adventurous Border Collie by Knapp, Andrew
Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement in Everyday Life by Czikszentmihalyi, Mihaly
First Frost by DeJesus, Liz
Five Midnights, The by Cardinal, Ann Davila
Flight Behavior by Kingsolver, Barbara
Flow: The Cultural Story of Menstruation by Stein, Elissa & Kim, Susan
Forever His by Thacker, Shelly
Forest of Hands and Teeth, The by Ryan, Carrie
Forgotten Girl by Brown, India Hill
Found, The by Haddix, Margaret Peterson


Game Change by Heilemann, John & Halperin, Mark
Giver, The by Lowry, Lois
Glass Castle, The by Wells, Jeanette
Goddess Chronicle, The by Kirino, Natsuo
Going Bovine by Bray, Libba
Golden Compass, The by Pullman, Philip
Gone Girl by Flynn, Gillian
Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversations by Jacob, Mira
Goose Girl, The by Hale, Shannon
Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, The by Shaffer, Maryann & Barrows, Annie


Hammered by Hearne, Kevin
Haunting of Hill House, The by Jackson, Shirley
Head Full of Ghosts, A by Tremblay, Paul
Hello World: Being Human in the Age of Algorithms by Fry, Hannah
Help, The by Stockett, Kathryn
Hexed by Hearne, Kevin
Hey, Kiddo: How I Lost My Mother, Found My Father, and Dealt with Family Addiction by Krosoczka, Jarrett J.
Historian, The by Kostova, Elizabeth
Hollow City by Riggs, Ransom
Hounded by Hearne, Kevin
Hourglass by Gray, Claudia
Hunger Games, The by Collins, Suzanne
Hush by Napoli, Donna


I Am the Messenger by Zusak, Markus
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Jacobs, Harriet
Infidel by Pichetshote, Pornsak
Intimations of Austen by Greensmith, Jane
Invention of Wings, The by Kidds, Sue Monk


Jane Austen Book Club, The by Fowler, Karen Jay
Jane Austen For Dummies by Ray, Joan Klingel
Jane Eyre by Bronte, Charlotte
Jane Bites Back by Ford, Michael Thomas
Jellico Road by Marchetta, Melina
Jukebox Joyride by Stein, Jacob
Junkyard Cats by Hunter, Faith



Last Policeman, The by Winters, Ben H.
Last Time I Lied, The by Sager, Riley
Letters from an Astrophysicist by Tyson, Neil DeGrasse
Leviathan Wakes by Corey, James S.A.
Library of Souls by Riggs, Ransom
Like Water For Chocolate by Esquivel, Laura
Little Bee by Cleave, Chris
Little Fires Everywhere by Ng, Celeste
Little Stranger, The by Waters, Sarah
Lost Symbol, The by Brown, Dan
Lovely Bones, The by Sebold, Alice


Magpie Murders by Horowitz, Anthony
Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention by Marable, Manning
Mango-shaped Space, A by Mass, Wendy
Manual For Survival: A Chernobyl Guide to the Future by Brown, Kate
Map of Days, A by Riggs, Ransom
Mark, The by Nadol, Jen
Mr. Darcy, Vampyre by Grange, Amanda
Mr. Dickens and His Carol by Silva, Samantha
My Life As a White Trash Zombie by Rowland, Diana
My Plain Jane by Hand, Cynthia; Meadows, Jodi; Ashton, Brodi
My Sister, the Serial Killer by Braithwaite, Okinyan


Namesake, The by Lahiri, Jhumpa
Never Slow Dance With a Zombie by Lowe, E. Van
Nick & Tesla's High Voltage Danger Lab by Pflugfelder, Bob & Hockensmith, Steve
Night Film by Pessl, Merisha
North and South by Gaskell, Elizabeth
North of Beautiful by Headley, Justina Chan
NOS4R2 by Hill, Joe
NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children by Bronson, Po & Merryman, Ashley


Only Milo by Smith, Barry


Persuasion by Austen, Jane
Phantom of Pemberley, The by Jeffers, Regina
Phantom Tollbooth, The by Justor, Norton
Pirate's Wish, The by Clarke, Cassandra Rose
Pirates! by Rees, Celia
Pleasantville by Locke, Attica
Poisonwood Bible, The by Kingsolver, Barbara
Pope Joan by Cross, Donna Woolfolk
Power, The by Alderman, Naomi
Practical Magic by Hoffman, Alice
Pride by Zoboi, Ibi
Pride and Prejudice by Austen, Jane
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Grahame-Smith, Seth
Prom and Prejudice by Eulberg, Elizabeth
Psychopath Test, The by Ronson, Jon



Random Magic by Soren, Sasha
Rebecca by Du Maurier, Daphne
Recursion by Crouch, Blake
Regarding the Fountain: A Tale, in Letters, of Liars and Leaks by Klise, Kate
Relentless by Koontz, Dean
Resurrectionist, The by Hudspeth, E.D.
Room by Donoghue, Emma
Rude Awakenings By a Jane Austen Addict by Rigler, Laurie Viera
Ruins, The by Smith, Scott
Ruin, The by McTiernan, Dervla
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The Case of R.B.G. Vs. Inequality by Winter, Jonah


Satapur Moonstone, The by Massey, Sujata
Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland by Keefe, Patrick Radden
Saving Francesca by Marchetta, Melina
Scrappy Little Nobody by Kendrick, Anna
Scream All Night by Milman, Derek
Secret Life of Bees, The by Kidd, Sue Monk
Secrets of a Christmas Box by Hornby, Steven
Seedfolks by Fleischman, Paul
Seraphina by Hartman, Rachel
Serpent's Secret, The by Dasgupta, Sayantani
Shadow and Bone by Bardugo, Leigh
Shadow of the Wind, The by Zafon, Carlos Ruis
Shiver by Stiefvater, Maggie
Shutter Island by Lehane, Dennis
Signature of All Things, The by Gilbert, Elizabeth
Silent Patient, The by Michaelides, Alex
Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America by Harris-Perry, Melissa V.
Sky Is Everywhere, The by Nelson, Jandy
Skyjumpers by Eddleman, Peggy
Song for a Whale by Kelly, Lynne
Sorcery and Cecelia or the Enchanted Chocolate Pot by Wrede, Patricia & Stever, Caroline
Soulless by Carriger, Gail
Speak by Anderson, Laurie Halse
Spidermania: Friends on the Web by Sly, Alexandra
Spirit Hunters by Oh, Ellen
Stargazer by Gray, Claudia
Stepford Wives by Levin, Ira
Stolen Innocence by Walls, Elissa
Strange Angels by St. Crow, Lili
Sworn to Silence by Castillo, Linda


Tea With Austen by Wilson, Kim
These Is My Words by Turner, Nancy E.
They Called Us Enemy by Takei, George
Things We Didn't Talk About When I Was a Girl by Vanasco, Jeannie
Thinking, Fast and Slow by Kahneman, Daniel
Thirteen Reasons Why by Asher, Jay
Three Wise Cats by Konstantelos, Harold & Jenkins-Brady, Terry
Time Museum, The by Loux, Matthew
Timeless by Carriger, Gail
Tiny Beautiful Things by Strayed, Cheryl
Touched by an Alien by Koch, Gini
Trapped by Hearne, Kevin
Treasury of Greek Mythology: Classic Stories of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes & Monsters by Napoli, Donna
Tree Grows in Brooklyn, A by Smith, Betty
Trials of the Honorable F. Darcy by Angelini, Sara
Tricked by Hearne, Kevin
Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology by Remini, Leah
Truth as Told by Mason Buttle, The by Connor, Leslie
Turtles All the Way Down by Green, John


Uglies by Westerfield, Scott


Wabi Sabi by Reibstein, Mark
Warm Bodies by Marion, Isaac
Watchmen by Moore, Alan & Gibbons, Dave
We're Going to Need More Wine by Union, Gabrielle
Wedding Date, The by Guillory, Jasmine
Weirdstone of Brisingamen, The by Garner, Alan
Where Am I Now? True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame by Wilson, Mara
Where She Went by Forman, Gayle
Widows of Malabar Hill, The by Massey, Sujata
Wild Robot, The by Brown, Peter
Wilder Girls by Power, Rory
Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? Big Questions from Tiny Mortals About Death by Doughty, Caitlin
Will Grayson, Will Grayson by Green, John & Levithan, David
William Shakespeare's Star Wars by Doescher, Ian
Wish by Bullen, Alexandra
Wishtree by Applegate, Katherine
Witch Elm, The by French, Tana
Wonder by Palacio, R.J.
World War Z by Brooks, Max



Zombie Blondes by James, Brian
Zombie Nation: From Folklore to Modern Frenzy by Vernor, E.R.
Zombies Vs. Unicorns by Black, Holly