Saturday, December 5, 2009

Remarkably Jane: Notable Quotations on Jane Austen by Jennifer Adams

Some quotes from the book:

"One of Jane Austen's greatest talents is that she presents sexual tension with such subtlety."

"For all the body's powers and vulnerability, [Austen's:] novels demonstrate that, for her, the real dance of life lies in language and in understanding."

"Each of us has a private Austen."

This was a wonderful collection of quotes on Austen and her works. This book even throws in the criticism and condemnation quotes! Yes, I can't believe they're out there! Great read for Austen fans everywhere!

*Part of the Everything Austen Challenge


  1. Lovely Christmas atmosphere in this nice blogoplace! These quotations must be great ... knowing Jane's wit!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love Jane Austen; I must have this book!

  3. I need to have this book. WOW.
    Love the quote:
    "Each of us has a private Austen."
    So true.

  4. Yet another for my list... you're going to have to stop it, my husband might come and find you. lol

  5. i like the last quote you posted...
    "Each of us has a private Austen."
    so true.


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