Monday, October 11, 2010

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Genre: dystopia, young adult
FTC Disclosure: bought Costco
Published: 2010
Pages: 398
Content: PG-13

In a Line: Slow start then raced to the finish line.

It had been a year since I read the first two books in the series...not a good idea. I really need to wait to read series' until they are all out...there was a lot that I couldn't quite remember from the first two that would've made the reading of the last book a bit more enjoyable.

The third book started off really, really slow for me. Then the ending went up in smoke and I had to reread parts just to make sure I got them.

The descriptions of the rebel district were fascinating. It sounded very Big Brother communism. Everything's the same and everyone. Each had their own part whether you liked it or not. So it got you thinking about what kind of place the rebels would be replacing...Why were they really rebelling? Was it for the people? Or was it really for power, power for President Coin? I didn't like where that plot line was leading. They want to replace one crappy government for another???

I also felt that Katniss was just lead along and not really proactive in her life. She kept getting blown up or almost assassinated in every chapter. She was just a pawn for everyone else. But I guess that was the point. She just went along with everything until it really mattered and that's when she takes everything into her own hands. She's a survivor and that's what she does.

I think Collins does a pretty good job on talking about the horrors of war and the reasons for it. She may have hit it over our heads a bit too much in the last book, but overall I think the theme is an important one. I really just wanted more. The book was too short and short on the details. I have so many questions about the Hunger Games world. Maybe she'll come out with an encyclopedia of their world and satisfy my curiosity. But the ending really was done too fast. It took awhile for her to build up to the last battle and then it was over and done with before I even blinked. It was like she had a deadline and she rushed to keep it.

The first two books were better, but overall I was satisfied with this one.

Rating: 3.5/5


  1. How fitting that you review this book since I'm still struggling to get into it. I read the first two books over a 4 day period. While the subject matter is a bit dark for my taste, it was a fast moving story. Now Katniss is nothing but a whiny, melodramatic character who seems to lack the fire she had in the first two books. I'm over half way done now and it's just a chore. I hope that it will pick up.

  2. The ending bothered me as that you mention it, it did feel rushed. So many things

  3. You aren't the first to feel this way - I have read lots of reviews that people had a hard time getting into this book. Which really surprised me since everyone was so excited for the release. I haven't read any of the series - I tend to wait until everything's been released so that if I like it I can tear right into the next installment ;0)


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