Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Going Bovine by Libba Bray

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What can I say? This was a crazy book to listen to. I didn't follow all of it, but overall it was OK.

The characters were interesting. Cameron is annoying and big-time loser, according to his sister. He gets high all the time and never shows up for work on time or class. His sister considers him a social piranha and his parents are also clueless. They are painted as the hyperlogical and unfeeling (scientist dad) and the super laid back mom to the point of never having a conversation with her son because she doesn't want to say the wrong thing.

So he ends up getting mad cow disease, totally incurable all the while putting holes in your brain until you die. Not a great way to go. So of course the hallucinations set in and now Cameron must save the world from dark energy forces and find Dr. X so he can be cured!

It's crazy. But he's hallucinating, so yeah, and he's dying so why not have the hallucinations mean something?

I can see why it won some awards. It's wacky and has some interesting things to mull over throughout the story, but it just didn't pull me in. I liked Balder the Norse God yard gnome and Dulcie the angel. She was kind of fun. But in the end she  throws in post-modernism and I just didn't buy it. 

Overall, I am glad I read it but it just wasn't my kind of book.


  1. Hmm, interesting... I don't think it would be my kind of book either.

  2. I am pretty sure most of this would go over my head!


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