Sunday, December 13, 2009

Three Wise Cats: A Christmas Story by Harold Konstantelos & Terri Jenkins-Brady

This was a great little book to keep the Christmas reading season going! We follow three cats on their journey to find the Messiah; they are following the new star and soon join up with the three wise men along the way. They also meet many other people on their journey and they learn what paths they must take after they find the Son of God. I knew I would really enjoy this book since it has cats as the main characters! The ending was especially touching as they meet the Savior and feel of His love for them. It was a great way to keep Christ in Christmas and remember the reason for the season.


  1. This sounds like a cute book that is great to read at this time of year :-)

  2. What a fun Christmas gift idea!

  3. My sister would love this book seeing as how she is a cat person as well.


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