Friday, February 15, 2013

Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier

daughter of the forest
Juliet Marillier did her homework. It was a beautiful and magical and romantic experience while reading her book. She really did take me away to another time and place. Granted, I never ever want to return to a time where I didn't have indoor plumbing or the Internet...that being said I wish I lived in a place where I grew up around Nature. Becoming to in tune with Nature that you feel her talking and walking with you. You know how to survive and help heal others.

I loved the magic associated with Paganism. I've been studying a lot about Paganism and I find it beautiful and I love reading about it like this. I recognized so many elements of circle casting and calling the elements, leaving gifts for the Spirits and Faeries. And also the clash of culture and religion between the Celts and the Christian Britts.

I cared about all of the characters. Sorsha's brothers. Each one had his own personality, and there were a lot of brothers. You could feel the pain of their father. You could feel the EVIL of the new wicked step-mother.

Even her love interest. I didn't even realize who was going to be THE one for a bit. But boy, such a pleasure to see her and Red's relationship blossom and grow. The love for her forest, her mother, brothers, and Red was palpable.

Just a beautiful story about humanity and love.

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  1. I could easily live without the internet, but draw the line at indoor plumbing. I don't even like to imagine the days before that!


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