Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Mark by Jen Nadol

Genre: young adult, death, supernatural
FTC Disclosure: library
Published: 2010
Pages: 228
Content: PG for dramatic themes and some violence
Reading Challenges: 2010 Young Adult Reading Challenge 

I thought this was a cut above the other teen fic of late. It didn't feel too cliche and I thought it had some interesting ideas on fate, destiny, choice. I think this could be a great book for some discussion on death as well.

Cassie, 16, and knows if someone is going to die today; she sees the mark, a glowing essence around the person that marks them for death by the end of the day. Can she do anything about it? Can she tempt fate? Why does she have this power?

Cassie struggles with all of these questions after her grandmother's death and a summer in her deceased parents' home town.

It's really short, but it packs a powerful punch. It was a good read.

Rating: 4/5

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  1. I have this book on my tbr list and I am looking forward reading it. :) It sounds really good, but I did read some mixed reviews for it. I like that it's short, because I need some short stories when the finals comes. :)


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