Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dancing With Jesus by Sam Stall

dancing with jesus
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Dancing With Jesus was given to me for review by Running Press.

Funny! It's a small board book complete with pictures and moving graphics! Sam Stall describes various dance moves in honor of Jesus and his apostles, with little descriptions describing the story behind the dance move contained in the Bible.

My personal favorites include, The Temptation Tango with Satan, the Lazarus Lurch (love me some zombie moves), and the Judas Hustle. All are silly, fun, and irreverent, which insured my adoration.

I'd recommend this little book for stocking-stuffers, white elephant gifts, or as a gag gift for those who aren't too offended ;)

Thanks to Suzanne Wallace who provided me with this absolutely funny and adorable book!


  1. Oh this is funny! I have just the person who would find it hysterical!

  2. Thank you for posting this, Heather. Every old post that I edited to include your movie review made me have to click over here to create a link. So I was able to enjoy dancing Jesus a lot last night :)


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