Monday, December 28, 2009

The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

Summary: Ani is born with the ability to learn animal languages and her aunt helps her through her young years, but her mother the queen finds this animal-speaking abhorrent and ends up giving her daughter to another kingdom for marriage when she turns sixteen. Along the way her lady-in-waiting and her cronies mutiny so Selena can take Ani's place and become queen in Bayern. But Ani escapes and learns to survive by becoming the king's goose girl and befriending others.

The Good: It's a cute story, clean, and has morals to teach, such as finding who you are. Ani is a strong character and so are the others that we meet. Shannon Hale writes this story well.

The Bad: This just wasn't my style. I enjoy a good fantasy novel, but this one didn't hold my interest. But I can see why so many people like it. I just haven't found a Hale novel that I've really enjoyed yet.


  1. Ah, I remember Shannon Hale. Her Princess novels got me through third grade :) Great review, I'll pick this one up!

  2. Someone picked this book for a bookclub choice because it was one of their favorites. It was o.k., but didin't really hold my interest either.

  3. I've heard great things about Shannon Hale's YA books, but I wasn't impressed with Austenland, so have no desire to try them. Awful of me, right?

  4. I love Shannon Hale books :)


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