Thursday, September 10, 2009

TV Thursday (2)

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I'm all excited about the new show Glee! I love the music, the acting is great, and the story, well, it's just a little heart-warming. I love finding a show I can fall in love with. We need a few more heart-warming shows out there!

The story follows a bunch of misfit kids and their glee teacher trying to do what they love and that is sing and dance! The characters: The teacher, Will Shuester, who loves teaching and wants to bring back his glory days of his gleeing and of course, some marital problems with his wife; Rachel Barry, she has two dads and has been trained in dancing and singing since she was three months old; Finn Hudson, popular jock who also happens to love singing; Sue Sylvester, the cheer-leading coach, she hates all the glee kids and wants to run them out of the school; Emma Pillsbury, co-teacher who also happens to have a crush on Will; Chris Colfer, our gay Thespian; Kevin McHale, loves to dance in his wheelchair; along with a few other misfits, jocks, and cheerleaders! They all make for a great parody on high school life and theater arts!

Check it out Wednesdays on Fox!


  1. Glee is one of my new favorite shows. I'm not sure if it's going to get old or not, but so far I love it. I have another award for you:

  2. Thanks for participating in TV Thursdays. Even though, you are the only one besides me, LOL.
    I have heard alot of good about Glee. A girl at work had made me listen to one of the songs they were singing and I have to say, it was uplifting.

  3. Wow--apparently I'm the only person on the blogosphere that missed this show. I had pages of tweets talking about nothing else. Had to shut off my phone updates!

  4. This is clearly as cultural thing, but what on earth is a Glee Teacher?

  5. I watched the first episode and thought it was a fun show. I enjoyed the rivalry between the cheerleader coach and glee club teacher. I may give it another watch next week.

  6. Just watched this week's episode on my DVR. It was great! I loved when they sang the Kanye song, and when Rachel did the Rihanna song. Such a talented group of kids, especially Rachel (Lea Michelle) — I saw her perform on Broadway two years ago, and she's got an amazing voice.


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