Monday, September 14, 2009

Why I Love Pirates

A Pirate's Life For Me

My Pirate Captain!

I always thought pirates were on the more cool side of the spectrum while growing up. I always enjoyed Disneyland's Pirate's of the Caribbean ride and Garfield's Halloween Adventure. But it wasn't until I met my hubby that I gained a true appreciation and love for all-things piratey! OK, I'm not really promoting acts of piracy since if I ever actually met a pirate from way back when I'd probably die. They were cruel and blood-thirsty! But it's the adventure lifestyle. The idea that I can do what I want and no holding back. Plus, they're just fun. Talking like a pirate, dressing like a pirate, reading about pirates, having parties, etc! They're an awesome excuse to have some great fun!!!

Here are some fun ways my hubby and I have celebrated pirates!
  • We actually had our first date attending Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl when it first came out, so this movie holds a special place in my heart just for that! My hubby even set up a treasure hunt for my Christmas presents that year that eventually led to the newly released DVD of this wonderful movie!
  • We've taken cute pics of ourselves and our baby in pirate getup!
  • We've collected a few books and movies, and music over the last few years such as:
The Pirate Primer
Complete Idiot's Guide to Pirates
The music and stories of Captain Bogg & Salty
Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy
Cutthroat Island
How I Became a Pirate
the website How to Talk Like a Pirate
  • We attended the Portland Pirate Festival last year and that was so amazing!
  • We've also decked out our computer room and our second bathroom in all things piratey!
I wersh ye a farr win' e'er an' alway!


  1. I've always had a soft spot for pirates since I read Treasure Island as a kid.
    I was pleased Long John Silver got away.

  2. Do you have a Facebook? Because you can switch your language to pirate talk. It is so awesome.
    And have you read The Dust of 100 Dogs? Teenage pirate girl reincarnated and looking for lost treasure.

  3. don't forget portions of the last Pirates of the Carribean were filmed out on the Salt Flats---

    If you want to wander down my road I’m home.

  4. Ahoy matey! Your little first mate Gabriel is such an adorable pirate!

    I love pirates too! Ever since Captain Jack Sparrow I've been in love! LOL! Great post!

    XOXO~ Renee

  5. Tis warmin' me 'eart t' read abou' your piratey firs' date and wee lil' baby buckineer!
    Me t'inks me favorite pirate be Capt'n Hook. Me loves Peter Pan. :)

  6. Did you know there is a Talk Like A Pirate Day? I'm sure you do - being the pirate fan that you are. My sis-in-law just brought her kids to some Pirate festival in a little town somewhere in northern NY this summer - they had a pirate ship that sailed up to the dock and then the pirates and wenches came stalking off and into the streets with lots of fun and games for the crowd. Looked really cool to me.

  7. I think that you are the only other person who saw Cutthroat Island then me. :) I loved that movie!

  8. Oh my gosh, how fun! I would totally come to a pirate party :) It's awesome you both enjoy piracy -- er, well, pirating? -- and can share that together. And your baby in the bandanna! Wow, love it!

  9. How cute is that bib?! Love it. :)
    Your son is adorable. Yo ho!


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