Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pirate Week Begins, Arrrr!!!

It’s time t’ set sail on our pirate week adventure! All aboard ye scurvy sea dogs! For our first adventure I’d like t’ recount t’ horrendous tale o’ our pirate fore-bearer, Blackbeard, t’ most blood-thirsty pirate I’ve ever laid me ears on. Blackbeard or Spawn o’ t’ Devil (Edward Teach): He was born in Bristol, England around 1680. He was an expert marksman and a true master o’ intrigue. He was large in stature (over six feet tall) and used it t’ satiate blood-thirsty ways.

His Image

Image was everythin’ t’ Blackbeard; he grew out his hair and beard (thus t’ name) and while in battle he wore three or more pistols in his sash and stuffed as many daggers and other pistols as he could fit. He also tucked thin six pounder fuses o’ hemp cord under his hat and his beard; t’ fuses were presoaked in saltpeter and limewater and thus burned at a slower rate o’ 12 inches per hour. This mixture also produced a heavy-curled smoke that made him look like t’ Devil himself.

His Death

When Lieutenant Robert Maynard and his men confronted Blackbeard on t’ night o’ Novermber 22, 1718 he refused to surrender. He is thought t’ have said: “Damnation seize my soul if I give you quarter or take any from you!” He charged straight for Maynard with his great cutlass in hand. He destroyed Maynard’s cutlass in one stroke. Maynard then threw t’ handle at Blackbeard and simultaneously reached for his pistol and fired directly at Blackbeard’s chest. But Blackbeard kept on comin’. Maynard smartly scrambled for a loose rapier on deck with Blackbeard bearin’ down…Blackbeard then made t’ mistake that cost him his life: he paused. One o’ Maynard’s men struck him from behind with a boardin’ spike twice across t’ neck and head…Blackbeard continued t’ fight til’ t’ last…Upon examination of his body they found twenty five wounds, twenty o’ them from swords and boards and t’ other five from pistol shots.
Here’s luck and a fair wind t’ye fellow pirate bloggers, arrr!


  1. I just noticed the skull and crossbones on your precious itty-bitty pirate. Cuteness!

    Cool description of Blackbeard. Are you going to have a picture of Capt. Jack Sparrow this week?
    Please say yes...

  2. Awww! He is an itty bitty pirate!
    Me wonders if Black Beard e'er had trouble wit' smoke inhalation from his beard? XD Great post!

  3. Eww--what fun, matey! Can't wait to learn about more pirates!

  4. i know it's pirates week, but blackbeard is sounding zombie-ish with his ability to survive all those wounds and continue creating mayhem before his final death. they should have just offed with his head, eh?


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