Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Arrr, this mo'ie be me fa'rite o' all t'pirate mo'vies aroun'. Cap'n Jack Sparrow be a pirate, but also a goo' man. We join be joinin' him wit' Wil Turner an' Elizabet' Swann t'regain his beloved ship t'Black Pearl. But avast, it be cursed by t'heathen gods o' t'Aztecs! Will they survive for dead men tell no tales! Me hopes to be seein' lots o'sword fightin' n' action! Shiver me timbers, ye better take a gander at this movie before ye succumb t'Davy Jones's Locker, arrr!


  1. Sheesh, you got the lingo down girl! Man oh man, is he a hottie!

  2. Love Pirates of the Caribbean! Look for my Pirates post tomorrow.

  3. I loved the first Pirates, the second was o.k., the third one was a little weird--that whole white sand scene. But Johnny Depp is adorable as Jack Sparrow!

  4. This is my favorite of the trilogy. Love me some Captain Jack Sparrow!


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