Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekly Glee

Well, I just thought I'd start talking about the Fox show Glee. I get to watch Glee a day late since I have no cable, satellite, or plain old regular TV on the antenna so I get to watch via the Internet a day late! But that's OK, I don't complain.

  • So far we Will Schuester volunteering to coach Glee Club since he was in Glee in his high school days.
  • But all the kids are "losers" and it's "uncool" to join.
  • Sue is the cheerleading coach and wants to bring Glee down since they're cutting into her "Cheerios" budget.
  • Then we have the male star from the football team who supposedly knocked up his girlfriend, but actually didn't; it was his best friend from the football team who also joined Glee....
  • We also have Will thinking his flighty, selfish and not so kind wife is with child...nope, she's faking it and wanting the baby from the football team's girlfriend to keep so she won't have to tell Will, and Will also has a crush on the high school counselor who's marrying the football coach to get over will oh and she's a germ freak like Monk!
So you throw all this into lots of great music in the Glee numbers and it's sort of a musical, actually and throw in some heart to characters that you didn't think had any! And voila, it's a masterpiece and can't wait for every new episode.

This week the principal ordered Sue to hold tryouts for a new member since she had just kicked off her start since she's pregnant...she let on a girl with Down Syndrome and Will started thinking she had some ulterior motive...something devious up her sleeve...since she even forked over some money to help Glee build a wheelchair ramp to the stage (Glee club has Artie...who's in a wheelchair). Flash forward a couple of scenes and we have Sue visiting her older sister who also has Down Syndrome and now we see a whole new side to Sue...I was crying like a baby, but in a good way. It was very touching and I really enjoy it when we see full character developments like this. It just makes everything seem more real and deep.

Till next episode!


  1. I LOVE GLEE! Besides Golden Girls and It's On with Alexa`Chung, this is the only show I keep up with. ^-^
    There should be more musicals on TV.

  2. GLEE fills me with GLEE!!!! I L<3VE it!!!! I also have to watch it a day late, as it doesn't actually come on the TV here.
    I've been going crazy recommending it to everyone, and I just can't seem to get enough of the soundtrack.

  3. I love Glee too! It just makes me so happy. I love the soundtrack too.
    I usually watch it a day later since Wed. nights are the nights we go to my parent's house. But I have DVR so it's okay.

  4. Last week's episode of Glee was heartwarming. This week's episode is bound to be hilarious! Have you seen a preview yet? I'm so excited! I watch Glee as it airs on FOX. I literally count down the minutes until it starts!


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