Thursday, November 12, 2009

TV Thursday- Favorite Shows Getting Axed

TV Thursday is a meme where I share various topics on the wonderful land of TV and hope you join in the discussion!

There was a TV show last season called Life on was cancelled at the end of the season after two years. Charlie Crews is pardoned after twelve years in prison for a crime he never committed. He is released with lots of settlement money and with his badge back on the LAPD. He's out to discover who set him up and why. Damian Lewis plays Det. Charlie Crews and he plays him with an American accent since he's actually British. The accent is flawless. So they're solving crimes while he's investigating his own's fun and pretty intense. It ended on a great note, though, like they knew it was getting cancelled and therefore wrapped it up pretty nice. So if you haven't seen this it, borrow it, etc! You won't be disappointed!

A few years ago there was Invasion and Threshold that I absolutely adored and they got canned halfway through the season with huge cliffhangers.

Veronica Mars is another one that I just only last three seasons and the end was not a great send off...grrrrr!

What show(s) did you absolutely love last year or in previous years and it/they got axed?


  1. Well, they just axed Dollhouse, grrr. And I was sad about Veronica Mars even though the direction they took it in was odd. Oh and Pushing Daisies was genius that shouldn't have been canceled. I could go on, but I will refrain.

  2. I try not to get too attached to new shows because the ones I like tend to get canceled. I really liked Night Stalker with Stuart Townsend (what a hottie!) but that got canceled after a handful of episodes. But I was really upset when they canceled The Black Donnellys.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  3. I’m so sorry about your show being cancelled. I still mourn ‘Chicago Hope’ so I know exactly how you feel.
    Take care.

  4. I am so mad at Fox! They recently cancelled Dollhouse, but also cancelled the best sci-fi show Firefly a few years ago. I also really loved Pushing Daisies. It was such a unique and fun show, but I guess TV stations don't like creativity.

  5. I can't believe they almost cancelled Chuck! I love that show; it is so fun, silly, and entertaining. Is it some major thought provoking show? Nope, but it sure makes me happy. Thankfully fans rallied the support of Subway and we will get one more (partial) season.

  6. We watched Life from the first episode - loved it!

  7. been meaning to watch invasion and veronica mars. i miss firefly.

  8. I loved "Life." I probably should have issued a general apology to everyone else who did as well. Me loving a show is guaranteed to kill a show!


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