Thursday, November 5, 2009

TV Thursday- Star Trek

TV Thursday is a weekly meme on, well, TV! Please leave a comment and/or link to your thoughts/post! Thanks for participating!

This weeks theme focuses on Star Trek! Including all spin-offs of the original.

I grew up on Star Trek! I'm a Trekkie, yes, I admit it! And I have loved all the spin-offs and most of the movies. My favorite spin-off is Star Trek: The Next Generation. Totally cheesy the first couple of seasons, but superb. Enterprise is my second favorite. It has Scott Bakula in it as Captain Archer!

OK, basically I'm saying if you haven't given Star Trek a try before you really ought to give it a go. The original series is super campy and fun and cheesy! But who can resist Captain Kirk's double-fisted battle blow or Dr. Bones saying "Damn it, Jim, I'm a doctor not a barber!" Or Spock saying illogical!

If you're a Trekkie what's your favorite? Why do you love Star Trek? Or if you're not a big Trekkie what's your favorite sci-fi show?

This is also in honor of the new Star Trek movie coming out on DVD in a couple of weeks! So excited!


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  2. My dad just loves that show, I think he watched every episode of it. I wasn't quite a big fan, but still i enjoyed it.

  3. I was never a fan of the original. But in college I got hooked on Star Trek - The Next Generation. Jean Luc Picard, Data and all the others were awesome.

  4. My husband loves the original Star Trek series and we went to a lot of the movies. But I could definitely live just fine without ever seeing any of them again! Wish I enjoyed them as much as you do!

  5. love this show too! the futuristic outlook is what we love best. the hubby and i have be re-watching the original series. we just finished shore leave.

  6. So much fun! I am a huge Trekkie! I just loved the new movie!

  7. Lovelylissie: Yeah! I think you’re the only one who participates! Thanks so much! A fellow Trekkie yeah! I still have yet to see the animated series, but it’s on my list! I have fond family memories of staying up late and procrastinating my homework in order to watch the Original series and gathering around Sunday night in anticipation of the Next Generation! Good stuff.

    To all: So glad I'm not the only Trekkie! Thanks for sharing and encouraging my little meme!

  8. I enjoyed the original, but would not call myself a Trekkie. But I do love Scot Bakula, so I don't know why I skipped over that series?! The latest movie is next on our Netflix q.

  9. I just popped on over here after seeing from your comment that you graduated with a linguistics major too. :) I graduated in 1998 from the University of Oregon. How about you?

    I happened to see a link to Star Trek stuff in the sidebar, and since I'm a fan I thought I'd check them out.

    I love Star Trek too! My husband and I bought the new movie right when it released.

    We only got one channel on our TV when I was growing up, so my parents rented episodes from the original series to watch. I remember being horrified when I heard that a new series was coming out (how could it be as good as the original?). Then I saw a few episodes and loved it. Long story short, I became the secretary of our high school's Star Trek club (mostly because we still didn't get more than one channel on our tv and the club watched The Next Generation episodes after school once each week).

    Choosing favorites is hard, but I do like The Next Generation and Picard the best. My next favorite is Voyager. I liked the first season of Enterprise, but lost interest after that. I loved that they had a linguist character though - I would love to have been as talented as she was, even if her talents were a bit unrealistic.

    I still haven't seen all of the DS9 series episodes, which is partly on purpose. I've been saving them because I know once I finish there won't be any more that I haven't seen. (I'm the same way with books by some authors - saving a few volumes to relish.)

    I've got all of DS9 set up to come on Netflix in a few months, so we'll see how it goes. I've seen the first season, and I'm curious to see if it gets much better than that.

    Wow, I didn't realize this comment was getting so long. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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