Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Movie Meme- Deep Impact

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A weekly meme hosted by The Bumbles Blog. This week is all about movies that have changed your life in some way, stopped and made you think, or movies that just had major significance in your life.

1. Schindler's List (1993): My parents took me to this still is with me; it's haunting, horrific, and yet beautiful and hopeful. It personified the Holocaust for me and the tragedy and horrificness of war.

2. My Life (1993): This one really got me thinking about how precious life is and how precious it is with those that we love. What kind of legacy do we want to leave behind? How can we live life to the fullest, to live each day like we're dying...It was just beautiful.


  1. I would agree with "Schindler's List". It was a very powerful movie.

  2. Definitely Schindler's List! I haven't seen the other one.

  3. I loved My Life for much the same reasons you mention. Michael Keaton is always thought of in his comedic roles, but I thought he was tremendous in this film. I had totally not remembered that Nicole Kidman was in it though. Now I want to re-watch it.

  4. Schindler's List is a life chager for everyone who sees it, I hope. I never saw the other one because it seems too sad :(

  5. I haven't seen Schindlers List (I know...) I think I saw the end of My Life (wasn't it sad?) I will have to add it to my Netflix. Thanks!

  6. "My Life" makes me cry every time I see it! If I'm changing channels and catch it midstream, I will start crying in no time. The scene where the father is shaving Michael Keaton when he is near the end is just wrenching!


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