Thursday, October 22, 2009

TV Thursdays- Childhood Favorites

TV Thursdays is a meme formerly hosted by Bloody Bad, but she has now passed it on to me! This is my first meme hosting and it really won't bother me if no one participates (that's just so I don't get my hopes up!), but if you would like to be sure to leave a comment and a link to your post and if there are others participating be sure to check out their posts as well!

What were the TV shows that you just loved as a kid?

1. Care Bears (1985-1988)- I just loved the Care Bear stare! I'm also a sci-fi junkie and since they had some cool powers with their bellies...

2. Punky Brewster (1984-1988)- She was just sooo cool! And it was all so sad at the same, being abandoned by your mother with no family, but she sure knew how to turn tragedy into some fun and happy times. Plus the theme song was so catchy and happy!

3. Dungeons and Dragons (1983-1985)- All my nerdy brothers were into role-playing games and so they got me hooked! A bunch of kids get thrown into the world of Dungeons and Dragons as a fighter, barbarian, wizard, thief, etc! Throw in a unicorn and you got some fun stuff!

4. My Little Pony and Friends (1986-1987)- I loved the ponies! I got everything you could think of...My Little Pony Castle, Stable, etc! They rocked; lots of fond memories!


  1. This brought back some good memories for me. Glad I came across this meme today, and good luck hosting it every week. :o)

    Here's my post.

  2. I joined your meme!! Its fab!!

    Here's my link:

  3. Southern Sassy Girl- Great shows! I loved Little House on the Prairie as well!

    fredamans- Your faves are so great!

    Thank you both for joining in!

  4. I think my favorite show as a kid was Little House on the Prairie - alhough I did love Punky Brewster too!

    I have an award for you.

  5. Well, I am really feeling old now! You're fav childhood shows were on when I was already married!

  6. Oh, I loved Punky Brewster. I even watched the cartoon series about her and Glomer. Haha!

    I also liked Gumby, Beverly Hills Teens and various action cartoons like Thundercats, He-Man and She-Ra. :D

  7. These are some great ones, I loved Punky Brewster. Especially her socks and shoes. Different colors on each foot.

  8. Littleyuzu...I also loved those cartoons, I just couldn't fit them all in my post!

  9. I'm a few years your senior, so here is a TV post I did a while back:

    Ahhh...the good ol' days.

  10. I rally enjoyed Punky Brewster too - what a blast from the past!


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