Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pemberley Ball RSVP

Greetings! I am Lady Godiva, wife of Lord Archibald of America. My dear husband is taking me over to his beloved home land of England and there we will be staying with our dear friends the Bingleys. I guess I should it's my homeland as well, but I was born here in the Americas. I met my dear husband when he came over for business.

The Bingleys have invited us to a ball in Derbyshire at the Pemberley Estate and a Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy will be our host. I hear he has 10,000 a year! Alas, I fear I have not a chance since I am already married, but a lady may look, no? But I also have heard strange rumors about the Darcy family...brooding, proud, secretive, dark, and mysterious...I feel a slight shudder of fear...and yet longing...

Here is my beautiful gown with which I shall grace Pemberley Ball:

And I drew this little sketch of how I envision my Mr. Darcy:

To RSVP for yourself please head on over to Velvet's blog vvb32 reads for the official invitation and pertinent information.


  1. Oh lah! Scandalous! I should think that Mr. Darcy would not want that particular portrait exposed. Let's keep it under wraps for now. ;-D

    Dahling, I am most excited to see that you will be in attendance.

    -Lady Vee

  2. OOh, this looks like so much fun, Lady Godiva! I'm making it to the ball too =)

  3. Sounds great, I love your vision of Darcy. :)
    I am joining the ball too, I hope to meet you there. :)

  4. Lady Godiva, I'm glad to see that you will be wearing anything at the ball! You may have your Mr. Darcy. All I can think of when I see that blood is "how am I ever going to get all of that blood out of that shirt?"


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