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Monday Movie Meme- Romance

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This week....Romance!

1. The Mirror Has Two Faces (November 15, 1996)

Director: Barbra Streisand

I literally just fell in love with this movie. I watched this when I was 16 and I had no boyfriend at the time and I just identified with Rose in this movie. Handsome professor Gregory (Jeff Bridges) puts out an ad to meet someone whom he's not attracted to. In comes Rose...also a professor. He wants to meet someone he can share his life with without involving sex while Rose is dying to find her one true love. I always felt awkward as a teen and so I totally identified with the desire to find someone who would love me for me! Gregory slowly falls in love with Rose as they become best friends...marriage before love in this case! I love the ending as the credits roll and they are dancing in the streets of New York to show their love. It's so romantic!


Gregory: "Rose, I want to be married to you."

Rose: "Gregory, you are married to me."

2. Pride and Prejudice (November 23, 2005)

Director: Joe Wright

This is the ultimate P&P movie adaptation for me! I absolutely love everything about this movie! It was just so passionate! I fell in love with Darcy from the get-go. Matthew McFadyen did an excellent job of Darcy. I actually really felt that he was in love with her; I could see how they eventually fell in love over that year despite not being around each other that much. And the ending....sigh....when Darcy is walking across the field at dawn with his overcoat...awww...sigh...and the music!


Mr. Darcy: So this is your opinion of me. Thank you for explaining so fully. Perhaps these offences might have be overlooked had not your pride been hurt by my honesty...
Elizabeth Bennet: My pride?
Mr. Darcy: admitting scruples about our relationship. Could you expect me to rejoice in the inferiority of your circumstances?
Elizabeth Bennet: And those are the words of a gentleman. From the first moment I met you, your arrogance and conceit, your selfish disdain for the feelings of others made me realize that you were the last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry.
[they look at each other for a long time as though about to kiss]
Mr. Darcy: Forgive me, madam, for taking up so much of your time.

Yeah, I just loved this scene in the pouring romantic...and about to kiss! Love it!


  1. I love this P&P adaptation. I love that scene with Darcy walking acrossthe field too.
    I've never seen The Mirror Has Two Faces, but it looks like I need to.

  2. Love the seems just about to kiss part. Excellent!

  3. Oh I really like how you added the quotes! Like a movie teaser ;0)

    I've never read or seen P&P. *gasp*

  4. You obviously love your romances! That P&P is just gorgeous! I love the scenery in it.

    I have an award for you here:


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