Thursday, January 28, 2010

TV Thursday- Reality TV

I've been watching The Biggest Loser this year, my first year of actually watching this show, and it got me thinking about reality TV. I'm not a huge fan...I don't watch Survivor or any of the dating shows. The only ones I really love are the aforementioned and The Amazing Race. They seem more real to me, though, I know reality TV is never really with Survivor...really? They have camera crews everywhere and a medical helicopter to whisk them away should anything really serious happen. I guess it's about human drama that draws us in. Overall, not a hug fan except for these two.

And ones like The Bachelor are just so ridiculous and degrading to all involved, in my opinion. At least non reality TV doesn't make a claim to be realistic. So thus my displeasure with most of reality TV.

What about you, do you watch reality TV? If so, what ones? If you don't like reality TV why not?


  1. I love reality tv!

    Here's what I watch:
    Amazing Race
    Big Brother US & UK
    Kitchen Nightmares US & UK
    F Word
    Restaurant Makeover
    Real Housewives of New Jersey
    Real Housewives of Atlanta

    I hate:
    The Bachelor
    The Bachelorette
    Biggest Loser
    Dr.Drew's Rehab
    I'm A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here
    Jersey Shore
    Pregnant and 16 (I mean, wtf wight?!)

    Yeah that's just me... I know I missed a few.

  2. Love Survivor,Project Runway and Top Chef. I've watched others here and there, but those are the 3 I DVR.

  3. Yes i also like reality shows. But not all. I like Amazing Race because its looks really true. But according you i also don't like Dating shows, singing competition etc. To me those are plot.

  4. I definitely agree with you on the whole Bachelor/Bachelorette shows. I actually used to be quite addicted after I tuned in one night, but once the whole tent thing happened a couple of seasons ago I checked out and haven't gone back.
    My dad LOVES the biggest loser. He works out while he watches it.

  5. Oh, I love reality tvshows.
    I watch: The City (MTV), The Hills (Yes, I really watch that one)and Hells kitchen. That's it. :)

  6. Well - I consider Survivor to be a game show rather than something trying to be reality. Just like the Amazing Race. So therefore for me it is incredibly entertaining.

    My guiltiest pleasure is The Real Housewives of Orange County. Everyone laughs at me for watching that show. But it sucks you in. Even Andy is a fan.


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