Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Movie Meme- Appreciation

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Hosted by Molly and Andy at The Bumbles Blog

This week is all about movies that took you a few more viewings to appreciate, whether it was because the movies were so layered with meaning it took a few times to unlayer them or maybe it took a few viewings to actually enjoy the film and I find its meaning.

This was a toughy for me. Some of the ones that have been mentioned like Pulp Fiction or Usual Suspects I've only seen once so I can't use those....or maybe one of those movies that you thought you'd like but didn't think you'd love so much that you'd watch consistently every day for a week...

1. Tommy Boy (1995): I hated this movie the first time I saw it. I don't really know why; I just can't remember, but someone convinced me to get it another go and I just cracked up the whole time and is now a classic of comedy for me. Classic lines such as: "Does this tie make me look fat?" "No. You're face does."

2. The Fugitive (1993): This one looked like an awesome flick when it first came out with Harrison Ford on the run...little did I know that I would become obsessed with said flick. I think I dragged my family to this show (or made them take me since I was only 13 at the time) to watch a gazillion times in the theater. I remember telling my mom: "I think this is its last week, let's go see it one last time." My mom rolled her eyes, sighed and said: "Ok, this is the last time!" Plus we get those awesome one liners from Tommy Lee Jones such as: "I don't bargain." or Harrison Ford: "I didn't kill my wife." Tommy Lee: "I don't care!"

3. Silverado (1985): This was the film my ninth grade English teacher focused on to teach us a bit about film. We ended up going to the local theater afterward on a film trip to see it. This where I learned all about cue dots up on the right corner of the screen and I still notice them in every film I see at the theater....anyway, I chose this one because I thought I would hate it since it's a western and I'm not a big western fan, but I was blown out of the water with all of the performances in this one. It's an all-star cast and nobody disappoints. Kevin Costner actually looks like he's enjoying himself and having fun in this film! He smiles and smiles a lot. So it's one I keep around and always seem to enjoy more and more after each viewing!


  1. I know what you mean with comedies sometimes. I thought Talladega Nights was just awful the first time I saw it. Then I was bombarded with it on TV and Andy's infectuous laughter each time it was on so I gave myself over to Will Ferrell and now it is one that I consider a guilty pleasure.

    Oh - and that line..."I don't care" Tommy Lee Jones was delivered so perfectly in The Fugitive. Makes you want to rewind that one scene just to try to find out how to deliver it like he does.

  2. I love the fugitive too and I agree with Molly--love Tommy Lee Jones attitude.

  3. Love The Fugitive but I've never seen Silverado. I must admit that I've never made it through one sitting of Tommy Boy :(

  4. I seriousley never seen any of the movies mentioned above. I think i need to go and rent the fugitive!! :)


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