Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Movie Meme and 5 Word Weekly Movie Wrap-up

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Hosted by the Molly and Andy @The Bumbles Blog
This week is all about MONSTERS, whether they be good or they be bad ones!

1. Legend (1985): One of my faves as a kid...with the evil devil played by Tim Curry!

2. Jaws (1975): Sharks have always freaked me out!

3. Evolution (2001): Crazy microbe aliens that turn anyplace into their own livable eco-system!

4. Monster Squad (1987): All of the old horror classics come to live in this one!

5 Word Weekly Movie Wrap-up

1. French Kiss (1995): "...You...make my ass twitch..."

2.Tommy Boy (1995): funny, hilarious..."are you talking?"

3. Music Within (2007): American Disabilities Act becomes law! 
(This was filmed at Portland State University while I was attending there...there's a scene at the beginning of the movie where the main character is in a blue suit and walking across the lawn to his car...the building on the far right was where I was in class at that same moment this scene was being filmed! The camera crew kept yelling at us to get out of window....but we didn' can't see us but we're there in the window of the second story!)

4. Sense and Sensibility (1995): Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, Hotties!

5. Sahara (2005): Steve Zahn, awesomest sidekick ever!


  1. I love sense and sensibility! --I'm not into monsters unless they are the cute funny variety.

  2. The Jaws movies are classic ~ they still work on some level today. Some of the best lines are in there. lol

    I also loved French Kiss, Sense & Sensibility and Sahara was awesome! That one had adventure, romance, laughs, bad guys... it was too much fun. lol

  3. I love French Kiss even tho' I keep wondering why Kevin Kline doesn't just creep me out in it.

  4. Oh ha! Monster Squad! Classic.

    Great choices this week.

  5. I loved Jaw and ofcourse Sense and sensibility, how can you not love that one?! LOL! :)

  6. Jaws almost make my monster list.
    Very cool about The Music Within. I've always wanted to visit Portland :)

  7. I've only watched Sahara from this list and I remember that I really enjoyed it. I have to watch Sense & Sensibility one of these days.


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