Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy December 2nd!

More fun Christmas countdown facts from The Christmas Almanack by Gerard and Patricia Del Re!


Where did this one come from? Why does it symbolize so much about the Christmas season?
According to Mexican legend, a small boy knelt at the altar of this village church on Christmas Eve. H had nothing to offer the Christ Child on his birthday because he had no money, but his prayers were sincere. A miracle gave him the present that could not be bought: the first Flower of th Holy Night sprang up at his feet in brilliant red and green homage to the holy birth.
The flower is also named after Dr. Joel Roberts who was the American ambassador to Mexico from 1825-1829. He loved the flower so much he brought it home with him to his native South Carolina and soon became a popular Christmas flower, and was thus named after him.

Encinitas, California is known as the Poinsettia Capital of the World due to the superabundance of the flower there and the city offers tours during this time of the year in the most picturesque locales.

But be careful if you have pets...they are poisonous to thus we never get one:( But I'll do anything to keep my beautiful kitties safe and sound!

*This is also part of the 2009 Holiday Reading Challenge

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  1. I never really liked poinsettias does that make me a bad person? LOL! Thanks for posting about the origins of the Christmas flower, it's very interesting!

    xoxo~ Renee


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