Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fear Itself Challenge Wrap-up

This should've been a wonderful challenge for me...but, too many other things came up and I didn't do so well on this one. This is my first reading challenge that I thoroughly botched big time. I was to read Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, an essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson, and a poem by someone. I made it to page 70ish in Oliver Twist, page 10 in Emerson's Nature essay, and didn't even get to a poem, though many were in easy access. I'm horrible. I just couldn't do it...too many other books calling my attention so I guess my heart was not in it. So if Donna @ Bites does it again I will have to give it another go this next year with my heart fully in it!


  1. I understand how you feel! Good luck with other challenges that you are participating in 2010. :)

  2. Aww that's sucks but good luck on your next challenges! I'm down to the wire on my first challenge, the Everything Austen Challenge LOL! I have to watch 2 versions of Perusasion by Jan. 1st! Guess what I'll be doing tonight? :-P

  3. Awww, it's ok! It'll be around in the coming year so you'll get another chance!

  4. Oh, this challenge was not at all what I thought it was when I read the title. I figured with a title like that, this would have been a gimme challenge for you. At least you tried!


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