Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy December 19th!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I have really fallen behind in my Christmas facts posts. I didn't think it would be so hard! So I've just been getting them in where I can!


This guy is the assistant to St. Nicholas in Austria. December 6th is their day to visit all the good and bad children! This grotesque demon carries a rod or a whip for all the badly behaved children! But thank goodness St. Nicholas intercedes and allows the bad kids to promise to be better and no rod or whip! I'll definitely hold off on my naughty tendencies to avoid the Krampus!


  1. Holy moley! That's terrifying!

  2. ha! so cool. neat-o. beware the krampus kids!

  3. yeah--I wouldn't want to run into that thing in the dark.

  4. Dang...if I grew up with the thought that this image could come and hunt me down...dang...I would have nightmares! What an awful looking creature for children. Doesn't surprise me though, take a listen to many of the children's stories and nursery rhymes...they are not too pleasant either.

  5. That scares me! I can't imagine how it wouldn't make children behave like little angels!


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