Sunday, December 6, 2009

Movie Weekend Wrap-up

Movies I watched this week...

1. The first season of Eli Stone (2008-2009). This was an excellent TV show and am really disappointed it was canceled after only two seasons. If you get a chance check it out; it is a really heart-warming and uplifting show.

1. Land of the Lost (2009): Not Will's funniest or cleverest.

3. My Sister's Keeper (2009): Better ending than the book.

4. The Bourne Identity (2002): High kick-arse action, woot!

5. New Moon (2009): Joined the team for Jacob!


  1. No way! The show Eli Stone got cancelled? OMG! I love watching that here in Holland. A few months ago they stopped airing it for reasons onknown. Gosh. I'm so sad.

  2. Twilight... really? I had such high hopes for you Heather...

  3. That's quite the variety. Love the Jason Bourne stuff--I don't care how unrealistic it is!

  4. I've just seen some episodes of Eli Stone recently on a Pay-TV Channel. Lovely, indeed. They were from the second series. I hoped they were doing more. Canceled? What a pity!

  5. Heather ~

    Eli Stone was one of my FAVORITE shows!!! I was SOOOO miffed when I found out it was going to be canceled. Not surprised though...I mean, c'mon...the show talked about God! That's like a HUGE "no-no" nowadays! Believe me...I went on the TV network's website and put in my 2 cents about it being canceled.

    Anyway...sorry to go on and on...
    The Bourne series was awesome!

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!
    ~ Lori

  6. Sign me up as an Eli Stone fan too. I could not believe they decided to axe it. Talk about imaginative, new and creative... I think it had to be a budget issue, because of all the special effects they used, but I never did any research to find out why. I just kept hoping it was a mistake and someone would change their minds.

    We also watched one of the Bourne movies recently. I can't remember which one. We have all of them on DVD. We're all big fans ~ and willing to take the leap on some of the less realistic places the movies go.

  7. Sorry but I'm Team Edward :-P

    xoxo~ Renee

  8. Loved the Eli Stone series too. but wasn't too crazy about the second season. too bad land of the lost isn't as funny as presented. i liked will in blades of glory. hesitant to watch sister's keeper because the book was so sad for me. but i'll give it a try if it has the better ending. bourne identity with matt rocks. team edward.

  9. Jason loves the Bourne series, so I've seen them all more than once. I do wnat to see My Sisters Keeper, but am not sure how I feel about them changing the ending.

  10. I still haven't seen New Moon but, from what I've seen of the trailer, I'm team Jacob, too!

  11. Have you read The Bourne Identity? When I first watched the movie I really liked it, then I read the book this year and loved it! It doesn't have much to do with the movie and there is a lot more in the book than there is in the movie...I thought it's great and really want to read/watch the next one in the series.


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