Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Horror Movie Wednesday--You're Next


I love horror movies! I watch a lot of them just for fun all year long. I even a horror-movie-night every week with a few friends. I thought it would be a good idea to write down a few thoughts about some of these horror movies I watch, all the good, bad, and in between. I'm not an expert or anything. Die-hard horror movie buffs will love quite a few that I'm not all that fond of....But I'll just throw a few thoughts out every week for fun and see what sticks!

You're Next (2011): This is a great little Indie flick about a family that meets together with their respective partners at their parents' house in the woods.

The main focus is Erin, the girlfriend of Crispian; it's his family they're getting together with. All is not well with the siblings and their parents. Lots of tension and fighting ensues. The plot doesn't kick off until the sister's boyfriend is shot through the window with an arrow and dies. But Erin is not who she seems to be either. She takes over quickly. And it soon becomes a cat and mouse game between those trying to kill everyone and herself. I won't give more away cuz it's just wickedly cool.

The House on Haunted Hill (1959): This is a horror classic starring Vincent Price, the king of old horror!

Price rents an old house from Watson Pritchard in order to host a party where he'll give 10,000$ to 5 strangers if they survive staying at the house overnight. He chooses the 5 strangers, including Pritchard. Pritchard inherited the house after his brother and sister were killed there. He's a drunk and partially insane and is the great narrator of all the impending death and doom that's going to happen!

Price also has a wife he can't stand. Is it all a plot to kill her or him or both? Is the house truly haunted like Pritchard says?

It's just good campy fun!


  1. I love Vincent Price and The House on Haunted Hill is one of my faves. I watched it for a Vincent Price-a-thon for the R.I.P. event a couple of years ago. Glad to see you enjoyed its campy feel.

    1. The classic horrors are great and fun. His "Last Man on Earth" was also a classic Price movie. Probably will watch that one again this year too!

  2. The House on Haunted Hill sounds interesting!

  3. I think I rewatch The House on Haunted Hill every year. One of my favorites!


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