Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Horror Movie Wednesday-- It Comes at Night and It (TV and Movie)


I love horror movies! I watch a lot of them just for fun all year long. I even a horror-movie-night every week with a few friends. I thought it would be a good idea to write down a few thoughts about some of these horror movies I watch, all the good, bad, and in between. I'm not an expert or anything. Die-hard horror movie buffs will love quite a few that I'm not all that fond of....But I'll just throw a few thoughts out every week for fun and see what sticks!

It Comes at Night (2017):

The movie starts with us just getting a glimpse of this world...a sick elderly man, his family all around him with masks and gloves and plastic sheets hung everywhere.

Some global disease has sent this family into hiding in the woods...mother, father, and teenage son, and their dog Stanley. We don't know how long the disease has been global or how many people are left on earth.

Things go OK until someone breaks into their house in the middle of the night. The man says he's just looking for food and water for his family--wife and small son. They agree to bring them all back to the house. Things go well for awhile until the father catches the other man in a lie. Are they sick? What will each do to protect their own families?

This story is more of a psychological profile of what we do when we are scared and paranoid. Not your typical horror but great all the same.

It (1990):

This miniseries came out in 1990 on TV. I remember hearing about it but my parents never let me watch any of it. Good thing because it would've scared the deadlights out of me....

First part with the children was actually pretty good. It was genuinely unnerving and the kids had chemistry.

The second part with the adults was a little cheesy and the ending was even cheesier. I haven't finished up the book yet...I've got a little less than half to go. But I know the ending is pretty hard to film so I guess they did the best they could...but oh man it did kind of take the scary out of it all.

It (2017):

Not only was this scary it was also a great coming-of-age movie in the likes of Stand By Me (another King classic)! How these kids decide to defeat It is beyond me. I would have runaway from home and hole up in a ditch somewhere never to be heard from again. Skarsgaard was amazingly freaky and creepy as Pennywise. All of the kids were well-casted and had great chemistry together.

Well done, movie makers! Well done!


  1. Just saw IT too. Yes, well done. They stayed away from getting too much into the paranormal parts. And I finished up the book last night. It was a first reading for me. Stephen King is amazing with his storytelling style.


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