Thursday, February 18, 2010

TV Thursday- Shows That Don't Make Sense

Well, I have been hearing so much about Lost over the last few years I thought I'd start catching up since it's in its final season. has all five seasons available and the ones that have aired in season six. I've made it up to episode 10...I think I can see where the hype comes's like a way better produced soap opera. They don't really tell you anything and just keep adding on mysteries so you're always hoping there's an answer right around the next episode and nothing.

So what is it? Are they aliens? Government conspiracy? Scientific experiment with time travel gone cock-eye? The Fates?

And I love how even though these people are surviving for their lives the women still look like their hair is somewhat done and no one ever looks sunburned and too skinny. Even the women have make up on all the time!

So for me this show just doesn't make sense. Do you have a show that just never made sense to you? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. I watched season 1 and some of 2, but I just go frustrated that nothing ever got resoved. I mean EVER! My hubby still watched it and just hearing him talk about it makes me happy I gave it up :) He loves it though.

  2. I LOVE LOST. The best part about it is being "lost". Don't give up! You're not suppose to know what's going on. :)

  3. Lost, indeed I am lost with that show! I only watched season one and had to stop after that. I didn't understand anything what was going on in it!

  4. I started watching Lost when everyone else was jumping ship. I think it's terrific. I love things that make me think and have multiple ways you could go. The show does provide resolutions here and there - and has fed us more in this final season - while still throwing in more questions of course!

  5. I am a fan of LOST. Not only i whole America as well as other countries also support this show. Those who don't watch this show regularly cant feel the joy and excitement. Hey guy's start watching in Satellite TV

  6. Hey great to see you must be travelling a bit more smoothly again.

    I'm not a fan of lost. I tried an episode or two and thought "stupid".

    I must be turning into a grumpy old man or something. I watch less and less TV most of it just seems a waste of time.


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