Friday, July 17, 2009

Movie Review: Knowing

Knowing: Grade: D

I have no idea why a fine actor like Nicholas Cage would be interested in slop like this movie. Is he really hurting for money or work? I doubt it. So why would he star in such a waste of time and money is beyond my comprehension.

Fifty years ago a little girl named Lucinda writes a whole bunch of numbers on a sheet of paper and is put into a time capsule to be opened present day.

Cut to fifty years later our present day. Nicholas Cage's little boy's school is opening up the time capsule to read what their progenitors had to say about the future...his little boy Caleb ends up getting Lucinda's weird number prediction sheet. Cage is a professor of mathematics or physics or something and sees a bunch of patterns in the numbers and realizes that they have predictions of horrible catastrophes over the last fifty years with three remaining that have yet to happen. So they're all struggling over the death of his wife/Caleb's mother and wondering how they're going to save the world from utter destruction.

It's a big mess and tries to cram in aliens and religion all into one with horrible results. There were a few good scenes but that's about it. Spend your dime and time on something else.


  1. I thought it was a pretty good movie - until the end. Then I was like "Really, you're going to go down that road. Really!" GRR!

  2. Thats a shame because I really like Nicolas Cage,,oh well..onto better things..thank you for the comments on my blog,,Bryson was born with his intestines outside of his it took this long for him to get things worked out,,but he is home now and that is what counts..have a great week...


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