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Movie Review: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Pride and Prejudice (2005), Grade: A+

I absolutely love this version of Pride and Prejudice! I enjoyed all the actors' representations of the characters in the novel as well.

My favorite parts:

  1. I loved how real the costumes were and how the people looked. Most of the women weren't wearing a lot of makeup and they sweated when they danced. It didn't feel stagey to me.
  2. Bingley was awesome in this. Just very fun and happy and loving like I always had pictured him. And Jane was actually a beauty in this one. Sorry but I didn't get that sense of her beauty in the P&P 1995 miniseries version (Lizzie was way better looking, IMO).
  3. I just loved the chemistry between Matthew McFadyen and Keira Knightley. I felt their passions and prejudices and all of that. I loved the depiction of the first proposal, in the rain with the music and the passion! Love it!
  4. Mr. Collins and Lizzie when he's proposing to her at the breakfast table; Lizzie at first is sitting behind the huge ham like she's the meat to be had by Mr. Collins! And the longing that Mary has on her face when Mr. Collins leaves after being refused by Lizzie!
  5. Darcy and Lizzie's dance scene, just awesome. I love how everyone else dancing falls away at the end and they're the only two in the whole world!
  6. I also love the scene where Lizzie, Jane, and Mr. Collins are hilarious, Jane and Lizzie speaking to each other and Mr. Collins trying to dance (not doing very well) and talk to Lizzie! Hilarious!
  7. The scene where Lizzie is with her aunt and uncle and they visit Pemberley and she sees the statues. They're beautiful and most of them are naked and it's just a great scene.
  8. The scene where Darcy comes walking across the field at the break of dawn with that music after he finds out what his evil aunt did...!!! So amazing and beautiful and romantic!
My favorite version ever! Loved it!

Part of the Everything Austen Challenge.


  1. I love this movie too. It's always on tv and if I see it I have to stop and watch for at least awhile (usually until my husband catches me and makes fun of me). Your review makes me want to watch it again from start to finish!
    I hope you do a favorite 100 movie list. It took more time than I thought it would and I'm pretty sure it will change a lot over time, only because many movies made the list by default...I couldn't think of anything better at the time I made the list ;)

  2. I like this version a lot, I just don't really like Keira Knightley all that much for some reason. I totally agree that the Jane in this version is much prettier than any of the other versions. I even think the Jane in Lost in Austen wasn't as pretty as I would have pictured her to be. My favorite scene would have to be the very ending of course with all of the candles shimmering at night...soooo romantic...*sigh*

  3. I love this version of P&P. I was shocked that I actually liked Kiera Knightly in it. I thought she would be awful in it.

  4. I love this movie also. My favorite part is the scene where Lizzy is walking out in the mud to go see Jane who is sick. That shot of her and the tree (it is on the cover too) is so so beautiful!

  5. I'm glad you loved the film! I adore the cinematography. Also, Dario Marianelli's music is fantastic. I bought the soundtrack of the film and I put it on whenever I read P&P :D

    And you're totally right about Matthew Macfadyen being a very passionate Darcy ;)

  6. I agree, the dancing scene from that movie was just beautiful!!

  7. I have to agree with you (and the other commenters) that the dancing scene was very, very well-done. It made the movie!

  8. I agree that Jane was beautiful in this version. I loved the dancing scene and the field scene. When he walks across that field my heart melts. But I felt that the overall feel of the movie was off. Mr. Darcy seems to get off the hook, like he has no faults in the end, when he does still...Lizzie says that "he's not proud at all" when he was, and still is a little. I think that the book showed the wit of the time and the movie lacked the subtle yet stinging comments, and the way that Lizzie and Darcy banter. Those were some of my favorite parts in the book. The music was great though, and I think that the cast did an ok job, considering...but that's just me :)

  9. I agree with every point you've made!

    While I'm not a Keira Knightley fan, I thought she was great as Lizzy. And the chemistry between her and Matthew Macfadyen was fantastic.

    So glad I'm not alone in preferring the movie adaptation over the BBC version! ;)


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