Friday, July 10, 2009

Movie Review: Pride and Prejudice, A Latter-day Comedy

This is a very funny modern take on Austen's Pride and Prejudice. The writer thought the Utah Mormon culture for singles would be a funny modern update to Austen's world. And I would definitely have to agree since I'm a Utah Mormon who happened to be single at one time! So the jokes and references, I think, are a bit more funny if you know something of the culture, but I still say it's universal enough to watch for those who don't.

The story follows 26-year-old Elizabeth Bennett who is attending BYU and trying to get her first book published. Her roommates are Jane who's Argentinian, beautiful, and her best friend. The others include Lydia (the landlord of the home) and her sister Kitty (who's not so bright) and finally Mary (very religious, socially awkward and not much of a dater).

They end up at a ward dance hosted by the Bingleys where we are introduced to Darcy, a very snobbish Brit who thinks all the girls at the party are vapid and boring.

It's a very fun and interesting twist on this beloved tale! The acting can be a bit cheesy and the editing is a bit rough in a few spots, but overall I enjoyed this modern remake and I really enjoyed the fun music as well!

Part of the Everything Austen Challenge.


  1. I wonder if not being a Mormon I wouldn't get some of the references you mentioned. Looks like a fun movie though!

  2. I tried to add this from Netflix, but not there. You must have a copy. Sounds fun tho.

  3. i like cheesy. i'm adding this one to my to watch list as soon as netflix has it available.

  4. What a neat take on the traditional story! It's amazing how Austen can transcend time with just a little bit of tweaking and hopefully bring even more Austen-lovers into the mix!

  5. Ok I may need to spend some time with this one.... that sounds like a fun movie!

  6. Your review is spot-on. My feelings exactly when I watched this movie a couple of years ago!

  7. I would like to watch this for part of the Austen challenge, it sounds very cute.


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