Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Let's Be Friends Blogger Award!

I am definitely feeling the love! Blogging has opened me up to wonderful new friendships and with it wonderful new ideas. Miss Remmers' Review has given me a Let's Be Friends Award! Thank you so much!

In order to share the love I will be passing the award onto eight other blogs that are also fun, friendly, and informative!

  1. Snapshots From Hale: I met Nancy in my prenatal class back in January. She's one of my dear friends now! And she's an amazing photographer!
  2. The Inner-workings of a Not So Genius Mind: I also met Amanda in my prenatal class. She has such a wonderful way with writing!
  3. Emi and Gianina: I met Jeanene since we're in church together and we also were/are both studying to be medical transcriptionists (she just graduated). She has a wonderful cooking blog and she even sleep walks so her blog is always fun!
  4. 3 Fruitloops: This blog is run by Trisha and I met her and her husband when I lived in Gresham, OR. Their daughter is super cute and I just love them to death!
So I'm giving these awards out to some great people because we're friends and I love them to death!


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I think I could die from that last comment about me. It's kind of like saying, "Step right up, step right up to see the bearded lady."
    What a freak I am. :-P

  2. Are you kidding me??? I thought that was hilarious. You're so funny! I don't offend easily. :-D

  3. You are too sweet! We need to get everyone from class together... I'll have some freetime. Maybe. You are awesome and I love reading your stuff!


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