Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Movie Review: Persuasion

Persuasion, Grade B+:

It's been awhile since I've seen the earlier version of Persuasion, so I can't really compare it to that one other than I remember loving it as well! I really enjoyed this version too. It's one of my favorite Jane Austen books. The story of Anne Elliott who eight years previously had broken off an engagement with her true love Frederick Wentworth due to the persuasion of her godmother and father. I enjoy this book because Austen shows us what happens when the upper class choose to marry "beneath" themselves. She was young at the time and thus easily persuaded and has regretted her decision ever since. She is soon thrust back into Captain Wentworth's society and thus face her feelings for him once again and her decision to not marry him.

I love Anne's character. She has to put up with such a horrible family! I think all of Austen's heroine's must do that, but she's able to bear the burden with grace and style!

I didn't enjoy the lack of passionate kissing at the end from Wentworth. But other than that I think it was a great adaptation and I highly recommend it!

Part of the Everything Austen Challenge.

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  1. There was one Austen adaptation from PBS earlier this year that had the most akward kissing scene at the end. Both characters looked like they were in pain. Really weird!


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