Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Movie Meme & 5 Word Movie Reviews

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All about sidekicks! What movies have some awesome sidekicks!!!???

1. The Emperor's New Groove (2000): Patrick Warburton plays Kronk...who just happens to be the best sidekick ever! If you haven't checked this one out do so just for him! He's hilarious.

2. The Italian Job (2003): A great ensemble/sidekick cast to Marky-Mark, I mean Mark Wahlberg...

3. A Knight's Tale (2001): We have two great sidekick to Heath Ledger with Paul Bettany (who isn't shy about cheek) as Geoffrey Chaucer and Alan Tudyk as Wat. Both are hilariously funny!!!

5 Word Movie Reviews

1. The Princess and the Frog (2009): Actual role model as Tiana!

2. Astro Boy (2009): A bit contrived, but fun.


  1. The Emporer's New Groove is a perfect example! I haven't had the chance to see The Princess and the Frog yet.

  2. Great list! I completely forgot about Chaucer! He is such a great character!

  3. Sidekicks or supporting actors always have more personality than the main character. They might not get the girl, but they usually get the laughs. I loved The Knights Tale and am sad about Heath L.

  4. I haven't seen any of those movies! I do enjoy Marky Mark though - both to look at as well as an actor ;0)

    P.S. - Watch Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid - it isn't a western. It's a comedy. With two gorgeous and talented actors.

  5. Paul Bettany did crack me up!

  6. i liked italian job - mostly for the car chase scene. that mini was too cute zipping around like it did.

  7. No matter how many times I watch A Knight's Tale, it's alway good! But I completely forgot that Alan Tudyk is in it - I think that means it's been too long since I've seen it and need to watch it again soon :)


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