Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Award Time!

Beautiful Blogger Award from Al at Publish or Perish

and from Velvet at vvb32 reads:

Thanks to Emma of Emma Michaels for creating said pic.

I'd like to send this out to all of my'll take awhile, but I will send this one out once a month or so! So I'm passing both awards to all of my followers!!!!

If my followers so choose, they can pass it on too. Just make sure to add this footnote with link on your blog post:

please note: award was created by Emma Michaels

1. Miss Remmers of Miss Remmers' Review
2. Laura of Laura's Reviews
3. Kim of Chapter Chit Chat
4. Devon of Devon's Quiet Corner
5. Renee of Black 'n Gold Girl's Book Spot
6. Ruth of Music of the Heart
7. Returning it back to Velvet of vvb32 reads since she's such an awesome follower!
8. Kals of At Pemberley
9. Colette of A Buckeye Girl Reads
10. Nicole of Books and Bards

Thanks again to Al and Velvet for handing over these awards and for those who are my followers! I really appreciate it!


  1. That is a gorgeous image indeed! Thanks for passing the award to me and congrats :)

  2. They are lovely! Thanks and Congrats!

  3. Congratulations, Heather! Very cool awards :)

  4. congrats on these recent awards. and thanks for sending one my way ;-D

  5. Good on ya, Heather! I will follow you anywhere :) My, my look how many others think you are cool. Thank you for including me.

  6. Congrats and Thank you so much! I love your new layout :)

  7. Congrats on the awards and thank you so much for passing them on to me!

    XOXO~ Renee

  8. Congrats on the awards,,,and thank you so much for passing them on..have a great Easter..


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