Friday, October 18, 2019

Horror Movie Challenge: Your Favorite Foreign Horror (Outside Your Country of Origin)

Tagline: She always gets a part

Synopsis: In Tokyo, Shigeharu Aoyama is a widower that grieves the loss of his wife and raises his son Shigehiko Aoyama alone. Seven years later, the teenage Shigehiko asks why his middle-aged father does not remarry and Shigeharu meets his friend Yasuhisa Yoshikawa, who is a film producer, and tells his intention. However, Shigeharu has difficulties to approach to available women to date and Yasuhisa decide to organize a sham audition for casting the lead actress for the fake movie. They receive several portfolios of candidates and Shigeharu becomes obsessed by the gorgeous Asami Yamazaki. Despite the advice of the experienced Yasuhisa, Shigeharu calls Asami to date and he falls for her. But who is the mysterious Asami?

There are so many horrific foreign horror movies to choose from but this one is flawless. Japan knows its horror and this is one of the best.

Check out the trailer.

Your Favorite Werewolf Horror


Tagline: They don't call it the curse for nothing

Synopsis: Is becoming a woman analogous, in some deep psychological way, to becoming a werewolf? Ginger is 16, edgy, tough, and, with her younger sister, into staging and photographing scenes of death. They've made a pact about dying together. In early October, on the night she has her first period, which is also the night of a full moon, a werewolf bites Ginger. Within a few days, some serious changes happen to her body and her temperament. Her sister Brigitte, 15, tries to find a cure with the help of Sam, a local doper. As Brigitte races against the clock, Halloween and another full moon approach, Ginger gets scarier, and it isn't just local dogs that begin to die.

I loved this awesome coming-of-age werewolf story. Great story and acting and so different from any other werewolf movie I've seen.

*Part of the 30-Day Horror Movie Challenge hosted by Leah at Unleash the Flying Monkeys!


  1. Audition...yes! Another good one. There are so many good ones. It's really so hard to pick just one.

    Ginger Snaps is a really good franchise, in my opinion. Even the second one was good, with Tatiana Maslany playing that creepy girl Brigitte "befriends." My favorite is Ginger Snaps Back...I guess because of the historical setting.

    1. I found all of them on Amazon Prime! Yay! Need to binge-watch the sequels.

  2. "Deeper, deeper" *shivers*

    And Ginger Snaps has "classic" status IMHO.

    Two more great picks!


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