Friday, May 7, 2010

Things i LOVE Friday

Getting my car fixed

Enjoying a day with Archie and Gabe eating out and playing hard!

Free pie Wednesday at Village Inn

Support groups and forums

Dark chocolate

Into the Woods

Staying up late reading...


  1. Gosh..Staying up late reading is one of my favourite things to do. I slept at 3 even last night because I couldn't put down the book.

    It's so peaceful at night which is why I love reading at that time :)

  2. Dark chocolate, yum!

    But the best thing on your list is the last. What a luxury it is to read late into the night!

  3. I love chocolate, but it has to be white chocolate. :)

    Also Staying up late reading is always fun! But the morning after feels heavy!

  4. Free pie Wednesday sounds wonderful!

  5. Dark chocolate...yumm.
    Staying up late reading is one of my fave things too...if only I could do it more!!


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