Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Horror Movie Wednesday--Cult of Chucky, Dark Signal, and Holidays


I love horror movies! I watch a lot of them just for fun all year long. I even a horror-movie-night every week with a few friends. I thought it would be a good idea to write down a few thoughts about some of these horror movies I watch, all the good, bad, and in between. I'm not an expert or anything. Die-hard horror movie buffs will love quite a few that I'm not all that fond of....But I'll just throw a few thoughts out every week for fun and see what sticks!

I watched quite a few this last week. I've been recovering from a bout of illness and watching horror movies seemed like the best way to beat it!

Cult of Chucky (2017): I watched this one for my weekly horror movie night. Let's just say if you're a fan of the other Chucky's, you'll be a fan of this one. I am not. This was my first and last introduction to the series. The only good thing these movies have going for them are the witty one-liners always coming out of the evil possessed doll.

Dark Signal (2016)(Netflix): This was a nice little British horror movie surprise. A radio station crew is putting on their last show where a haunting voice warns them of danger. It also cuts between the production assistant's girlfriend and her friend Nick. Nick is robbing an old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere and needs her help. The stories all come together in the end for a pretty sweet ending.

The only drawbacks were the acting...pretty cheesy.

Holidays (2016)(Netflix): Horror anthologies can be a great way to tell some fantastic horror stories. This one didn't quite cut it. The only fantastic story is the first one based on Valentine's Day. After that the stories build really great and then crash at the end for a cheap trick. Though, the Christmas and New Year's stories were pretty good too. Check this one out for a fun Seth Green appearance! But watch the Valentine's Day story no matter what. Amazing!


  1. Just thinking about the Chucky movies creeps me out...

    1. Ha ha! I've never seen the earlier ones...but I don't think I will!


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