Monday, April 14, 2014

And We're Off to Japan!!!!

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My husband has accepted a position in Japan to help start up their new plant and get it going. It's only for 2 years, but it'll be an unbelievably incredible adventure for me and my family! We leave in June and we have a lot of packing, organizing, passports, house selling, etc to get done. It's pretty overwhelming but I am so excited for this amazing experience!!!!

Gabe keeps asking each day whether or not today is the day we are leaving. "Is it today, Mom?" It's also bitter sweet. I leave behind family and friends. Gabe saw that I was sad and he said: "It's OK, Mom. We'll make lots of new friends in Japan." He's so wise!

We also need to figure out what to with our sweet kitties. Do we take them with us (I want to but I hear they would be placed into quarantine for 6 months before we could bring them home with us) or do we find friends and family to care for them. It's a tough call since I can't find anyone yet for my oldest cat, who is uber grumpy. So that's one of the saddest points for me. My kittehs!

My time is now even shorter. I will try to post as I can and I hope I can still access everything I need to once we're in Japan so I can still blog to my heart's content and share all the beautiful, awesome, scary, and wonderful finds in Japan!

Needlesstosay, in my week of knowing we are headed to Japan, I have been searching online for everything Japanese. How do I learn this language? Cuz I really, really wanna! My hubby Archie speaks it pretty well. He lived there back in his early 20s for a couple of years. I know some Spanish but haven't taken a lot of Japanese other than a semester in college. So I'm pretty psyched to try and dig in and learn. But the key point to learning it will be speaking it and not worrying about making mistakes. I discovered Benny the Polyglot! He's pure awesomeness. He has given me hope and invigorated my soul!

So many things to do so little time! Wahoo!


  1. Congratulations, that is quite an adventure for you both! Enjoy it!

  2. I am so excited for you and the fam, but also sorry to hear about your kitties :( That's tough. At least you still have some time. I am so excited to follow you on your journey to Japan :)

  3. This is what happens when you fall behind in your blog reading and work backwards - after I asked what I missed on a more recent post I find this. How exciting and scary and sad and exciting!


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