Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Wrap Up and Resolutions

Due to my partial hiatus, I did not finish any of my challenges...well, I'm sure I completed the YA challenge I joined but I didn't have time to follow it, update it, etc. I stopped my TV meme...I really want to start that up again, but no can do til I'm done with school....

I read a total of 78 books this year and reviewed all but about twenty or so...

I also participated in the Pemberley Ball and Helluva Halloween challenge. I failed all of my challenges...sigh. I had a great first year of blogging in 2009 but 2010 brought new challenges with parenting and school and thus my partial hiatus.

At least for the first part of the year, I plan to maintain the hiatus...I do want to pick up one meme and review more of the books I read. I am planning on participating in Pirate theme in May! Yeah, and I'm hoping to start the Everything Austen Challenge this year since I missed it in 2010. I also need to finish school! And my plan is to read more of the books already on my shelf and to buy less books!!!! (we'll see if that one happens...).

Overall, this year was a challenge. I missed participating in the blogging world and the challenges. I hope to return to that soon! Just want to say thanks to everyone who takes a gander once in a while at my blog and for all those who have such amazing blogs! I get so many great posting ideas and book ideas from you. Have a wonderful year!


  1. I completed only one challenge too because work got in my way of blogging! But * Hugs * I hope you find more time this year for your lovely blog :)Happy New Year!

  2. I missed your posts this past year and it's good to see you'll be back more regularly :)

  3. 78 books is a lot to me! First things first. Looking forward to your posts.


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