Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My '60s Jane Austen and Giveaway!

Velvet at vvb32 is hosting another giveaway! Go to the Mad Men creator and create your own '60s version of Jane Austen! Go here for more information on how to join in her giveaway!

The prize is: British Library Jane Austen Pocket Diary 2010.

I love all things Austen!

Here is my '60s Jane Austen:

I chose this depiction because I feel that Jane would've definitely been wearing pants if she could've gotten away with it and she would've loved talking in front of people all about her books! Go Jane!


  1. Super cool! Your Jane is fab in pants. Thanks for entering the giveaway contest!

  2. wow!!! thank u very much for all this information. Keep on supplying such useful information. It really is interesting.

  3. I ♥ Mad Men. And what an interesting mashup of the show with Jane Austen! I like your 1960s version of her. Very modern and take-charge.

  4. That is great - love '60's Jane. I wonder what she would look like today? Professor of literature?


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