Monday, August 24, 2009

Jane Austen Mix Match Part I

Nicole at Books and Bards is sponsoring a giveaway for the book Lost in Austen by Emma Campbell Webster. All we have to do is mix and match characters from Jane Austen's beloved books! She has a whole list of possible bachelors and bachelorettes on her post. But you can come up with any ideas!

My two happy singles are Caroline Bingley and General Tilney. Since Caroline couldn't get Darcy to marry her she ends up meeting Captain Tilney at Bath. She figures she'll give him a try, but once she realizes that his father is rich and a widower she soon pursues him instead! Since she has a bit of a fortune through Charles she's able to snag up the general and has no worries that he doesn't love her since she isn't in love with him either. So they're both happy in their misery!


  1. boo hoo, a misery match :-(
    that's a pretty miss bingley though.

  2. I think Miss Bingley's pursuit of Mr. Darcy is more for status and reputation rather than fortune, since she has her own hefty inheritance. I believe she'd like to have a bit of fun with the next man she sets her sights on, so it seems odd for her to forgo Captain Tilney in favor of his father.

    And besides...General Tilney might murder her! ;)

  3. I'm so glad you are playing along with Nicole's mini-challenge!!

  4. Thanks for a good ROTFLOL

    pssst, the word verification is: "drool".
    (I'm not kidding)

  5. I love that they met at Bath! It's so perfect. Thanks for playing!!!


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