Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Horror Movie Wednesday-- Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day (2017):

This was an interesting take on Groundhog's Day.

Sorority sister Tree wakes up in a random guy's dorm room...she can barely remember her name let alone his. He seems sweet but she blows him off. She continues back to her dorm and we see that she's not the sweetest or kindest person we've ever met. We do not like her. But as the day goes on she's attacked and killed in a tunnel....but she wakes up to the same day!

It's actually kind of funny. We see her change and try to be a better person. She gets to know people in her sorority. She forms a relationship with the guy who's dorm room she woke up in. And she continues to try and solve her murder. But each murder takes its toll and she doesn't know how many more deaths she can take...

I'm a sucker for change-of-heart movies. So throw in horror/thriller and I'm sold. It wasn't super scary but it was a great little thriller.

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  1. This is one I've been waiting for - DVD version that is. Glad to hear you liked it alright.


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