Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Horror Movie Wednesday-- Black Christmas

Black Christmas (1974):

I'm going to fan-girl all over this movie. This is as classic as a horror movie can get. This came out a couple of years before the iconic Halloween movie and you can see how this movie influenced that movie.

It's a simple premise. A sorority house full of college girls are getting ready to head home for the holidays. But one girl goes missing and the rest are continually harassed through obscene phone calls and mysterious noises. We get out-of-control Margot Kidder--she is the best in this movie. Funny and beautiful. We get the drunk and hilarious sorority mom. There are some aspects of Psycho in here and a stalker boyfriend who can't take a hint. Bumbling cops...I can't believe this isn't more widely known. Classic. Go watch it!

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