Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April Fool's Day

Kick me hard. Appril Fool
No one knows for sure the origins of April Fool's Day, but it may coincide with the coming of spring and its light-heartedness as we come out of a long and dreary winter. The Hindus have their Holi Festival. Ancient Romans had Hilaria that celebrated the resurrection of Attis.

Before the Gregorian calendar was adopted in the 1500s, the new year was celebrated around April 1st. Even in Japan, the new fiscal year and school year begins the first of April. So some say that jokes were played on those who would not or didn't know about celebrating the new year on January 1st. Some say Chaucer wrote down March 32 or April 1 for the day.

As a kid I loved April Fool's Day. It was a chance for payback on my siblings. Being the youngest, I usually got the tail end of most of the harassment. My all-time favorite was Saran wrap on the toilet...

To me it's another reminder of glorious spring and seeing all the flowers and trees blossom is truly incredible.

2015-03-31 13.02.59.edit
Sakura season in Japan!

May your day be filled with lightness of heart and loudest of laughter while enjoying the warm spring air!

*My information comes from Wikipedia on April Fool's day and Infoplease.com


  1. Lovely post! :)


  2. Wait - the school year begins in April? Does it run year round?

    1. Yes it does. There are breaks throughout the year, of course with big ones coming during the summer, spring, and winter.

  3. I could use some year round school around here :)


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