Sunday, March 22, 2015

Living and Reading in Japan (7)


This weekly meme has been inspired by Michelle at The True Book Addict and Lisa at Lit and Life--Life: It Goes On...but I wanted to tweak it a bit for myself since I am living in Japan for the next year (2014-2015).

We've been a lot healthier with the warmer weather! Spring is here. I haven't needed a jacket for two days now...

  • The History of Hell by Alice K. Turner
  • All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
  • The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen
  • I Must Say: My Life As a Humble Comedy Genius by Martin Short (audiobook version)
Looking Forward To:

Okinawa in 3 weeks! We are heading south for a week and I'm looking forward to a warm beach and relaxing!


I've been trying to hone in my creative side recently and I've decided to do some art journaling. Sometimes I'm very consistent, other times not so much. But it's been fun exploring. I haven't done this since I was a kid.

Listening To:

Serial. I'm way behind since this ended last December but I finally caught up and was floored.


Parks and Recreation and Unbreakable Kimmy. So funny.

Grateful For:

My legs. So silly but they've gotten me far here in Japan. As the weather has been warming up, I've been trying to get out and walk around the city. Everything is so close. It's been an adventure!

Things I Did This Week:

We went to a fun-themed restaurant called the Bandit or Sanzoko in Japanese. Foreigners like to call it the "chicken shack." They are famous for their chicken on a stick or yakitori. It's pretty darn good. Then we headed over to Kimawa Mu Valley that has an underground mystery treasure adventure. They put in statues and clues that remind me of Indian Jones. It's really fun. Gabe had a blast.

2015-03-22 08.07.14

Their rice balls are amazing! Salmon, seaweed, and a sweet plum inside and wrapped in more seaweed! Yum.

We only have 3 more months in Japan so we're trying to take it all in ;) We thought this was going to be 2 years but it got cut short so back home in July.

2015-03-22 08.19.12


  1. !Wow! Only 3 more months?! How exciting (this is a good thing right?) There's nothing quite like exploring a new city by foot. It's my preferred mode of transportantion!
    I'd like to see what you mean by art journaling.

  2. Oh goodness, you really are soaking up the experience! Are you going to be disappointed to have it end early?


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