Thursday, April 2, 2015

Parks and Recreation

I just finished binge-watching "Parks and Recreation." I started and stopped a few times with the first season but I kept hearing such great things I decided to just pull off the adhesive bandage and get to it! I'm so glad I did.

It's a funny and tender-hearted show about a woman, Leslie, who just loves her job because she gets to help people. She works hard at making government actually work for the people and it's just fun to watch. Her ultra nemesis in all-things government is Ron Swanson--basically a libertarian anarchist is how I'd best describe him; he lives to sabotage government while working for them.

My favorite episodes are the ones that show how awesome people can be. I get the Kleenexes out...

Here's my favorite Leslie Knope clip. She lays out all the fake reasons (she didn't actually shoot Ron but is protecting a friend) she shot Ron. It's fantastic.

Leslie was a great advocate for good government and feminism. I just can't get enough of this show and am so grateful it was created and I got to watch it. It's one I'll be watching again and am so sad there will not be any other episodes.

You are gone but not forgotten! Please and thank you :)


  1. I've watched Parks ad Rec off and on and love it. For some reason I never knew when in was actually on so if I caught it, it was like a treat.

  2. We never really got into this one (the hubby is not a fan of sitcoms so they rarely hit our radar) until the very last season when suddenly we "needed" to watch it and we enjoyed it a lot.


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