Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Movie Meme- Summer Lovin'...

Feature Presentation...
hosted by Molly of The Bumbles Blog.

Summer movies...

1. Grease (1978): I watched this classic constantly as a teen over the summer break!

2. Weekend at Bernie's (1989): Also a classic as a teen. How long can they get away with carrying around a dead guy??

3. Raising Arizona (1987): It's a classic anytime but it seems to be more of a summer classic in my house!

4. Seconhand Lions (2003): Just a feel good summer adventure!


  1. I love Grease, that movie is fantastic. It was on the telly a couple of weeks ago, it is def. a summer movie. ;)

    Weekend at Bernie's is hilarious. I saw it a couple of years ago and I loved it. ;) Def. a laugh out loud movie.

  2. I was addicted to grease too! Totally forgot about Secondhand Lions-fun movie. Never really thought of Raising Arizona as a summer but I guess you're right!

  3. wow, Weekend at Bernie's is such a blast from the cinema vault's past. What a funny movie. I like some of the films that John Travolta plays in but I never watched Grease, although I am familiar with it and know it's popular and everything :)

    I never heard of the other films.

    The Madlab Post

  4. Very different, but great films, especially Secondhand Lions; what a wonderful feel-good film! :)

  5. you included two of my favorite films--weekend at bernies and second hand lions. I'm off to add them to my netflix queue. nice list today

  6. I had thought of doing Grease, but figured that the main part of the movie was set AFTER the summer holiday. Hey ho.. Incidentally, I know you have done a few of the monday movie meme picks proper on the bumbles blog, but (and I apologise for this) here is mine that I am shamlessly plugging to all the regulars on Bumbles. I hope you dont mind me having a shot at it for a while? let me know your thoughts. thanks.

    Dale (Smurfin' The Web)

  7. The first time I saw Second Hand Lions it was for a family movie night. All five of us ended up with tears in our eyes!


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